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The Senate of Economy Europe

The Senate of Economy Europe was founded in Berlin in 2015.  The Senate of Economy Europe is a subdivision of the Senate of Economy International. The Senate of Economy Europe is therefore formally legally represented by the board of the Senate of Economy International, which was founded on October 13, 2006 in Vienna.

With regard to its number of members, the Senate of Economy Europe is limited to the number of German EU parliamentarians.  Our  Interlocutors are among others  UN agencies, World Bank headquarters, government officials, high-ranking  members  political parties, parliamentarians, representatives  of the European Union, scientists, diplomats, etc.

The Senate of Economy is ideologically and politically neutral. It is not geared towards making profits and surpluses and is committed to the objectives of the European Union, the  United Nations with all its sub-organizations, the Global Compact and the goal of a Global Marshall Plan. From a European perspective, one of the most important goals is to promote European integration and the further development of the European Union as an economic and peace community. In this sense, the tasks also include supporting the EU Commission and the EU Parliament and their elected representatives.

Our members are ambassadors of the European Senate. Through their membership, they contribute to realizing the goals of the Senate towards decision-makers in the areas of politics, business, culture and the media. The consistent consideration of the company rules is the basis of our responsible behavior and an essential part of the compliance philosophy of the Senate.


As convinced Europeans, we hereby promote an eco-social market economy at national, European and international level, such as through the Marshall Plan with Africa.

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